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Thursday, November 30, 2006

April Mae on Asianbabecams

Review of April Mae on Asianbabecams with some screenshots of her free show:
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(this is the AprilMae avatar to look for on the "who'sonline" front page)

Ok, yeah, we were gone for awhile. Some company (hah!) decided this was a not a real blog. Actually, some prudish girl probably decided that. But you guys know what it's about. This is the site to go to before you log on to Asianbabecams so you can find out who are the best models giving the best free shows. It's cool to watch the girls in private, but almost as cool to watch the best shows for free. Some of these girls will go over the edge sometimes.

When I was watching April Mae the other night she confessed she was drunk and by the wetness of her fingers, you knew she was hot and ready too. No joke. That's what I like about Asianbabecams, it's real!

So we'll check in to the site for a few hours a week from now on, and once or twice a week we'll bring you the best girls from that site. Maybe we'll post a few models once in awhile just to keep it fresh for when you check in...

Alright, see you later!